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The National League is a Pan Disability (all disability) team competition open to clubs, groups, schools and organisations which are members of Boccia England. We have 2 teams entered into the National League. 

More information about the league can be found here

Blackpool Flyers

1. Jack Wilding

2. Rachel Lamberth

3. Carla Woods

4. Nick Lovell

5. Sean Raynor

6. Neil Fordyce

7. Michael Robinson

8. David Topping

Blackpool Braves 

1. Nick Brown

2. James Knight 

3. Chris Morris

4. Andrew Constable

5. Chloe New

6 Oliver Refuerzo

7. Kristen Jacobs

8. Anthony Jacobs 

9. Ryan Thwaites

Boccia England National League

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