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Blackpool Boccia Club

Blackpool Boccia Club was established in 2012 when founders Tony Edmonds and Chris Morris noticed that there was a lack of organised sport for disabled adults in Blackpool. Chris was an avid boccia player and had achieved success in a number of national and regional competitions and felt that this sport could help fill this gap.

Bouyed by our desire to make a difference we set up Blackpool Boccia Club and invited friends to join us. We started with 6 players which soon grew to 10 as word of mouth spread about the club. At this point, we received a grant from John Blackledge and the club became an official member of Boccia England, the national governing body for the sport. 

In 2013 we participated in our first tournament and played in the Pan-disability Boccia Championship North West League. We won 5 out of our 10 games and participated again in 2014 wining 50% of the games we played. 

At this point Colin Morris, Chris' father, joined the club as coach and has helped us make great progress which has contributed to the progress of the club including winning 80% of our games in 2016. 

The club's success has only been achieved through the great support we have had from a number of individuals and organisations. Since 2014, Councillor Jim Elms has provided the club not only with financial support but Jim also takes an active interest in the club. We also have to thank the Blackpool branch of the Cerebral Palsy Association and Glasdon Ltd, the local plastic product manufacturer, for their continued and generous support.

Boccia is a sport played by people with additional needs be they physical or learning and we always welcome new members to turn up and play at our weekly session that takes place every Tuesday between 1.30pm-3.30pm at Stanley Park Sports Centre and every Thursday 1pm-3pm at YMCA Thornton.


If you are interested in learning more or would like to join then please take a look at the membership section here or contact us via the details here.

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