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Scott Knight Memorial Cup

Scott was born on 18th December 1984. He was diagnosed with Spina Bifada and Hydracephalis.  At first Scott could walk with the aid of a walker, and went to Highfurlong School.  In 1998 Scott needed an operation to straighten his back, but this left him paraplegic. 

When Scott left Highfurlong School he went to Beaumont College in Lancaster.  It was here that he learnt to play Boccia and went on to play County Boccia whilst at the college.

He became a member of Blackpool Boccia Club and loved the game, he continued playing up until his illness prevented him from continuing. 

Scott sadly passed away on March 2017.

In special memory of Scott, Blackpool Boccia Club hold a annual cup competition called the Scott Knight Memorial Cup. 

2022 Winner 


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